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St Patrick's Episcopal Church


Photo Gallery: November and December 2011

November and December 2011

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Visiting with Leo
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Leo - family and friends
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Eileen and Shelia - kitchen staff deluxe!

Thanks for the heroic (quick!) effort

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Leo and friends
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Parish Hall service of Holy Eucharist - no power!!!
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Parish Hall service of Holy Eucharist - the power of course came back on right afterwards!
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Have a prayer book?
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Didn't I tell you ? We're conserving energy!
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[Christina, Em and Monica
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ready set - SING!
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Crop Drop Pick-up for FSA

The pick-up was supposed to be for a great deal of food NOT - the second 18 wheeler didn't show. All agencies got a little and FSA was no exception. Our thanks to Earl, Ken, Kelsey, Betty, Haley, and Sara for their offer of help!

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